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The Full Disclosure Principle Revisited

by The Granite Countertops

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In 2008, the Granite Countertops released a five-song EP, THE FULL DISCLOSURE PRINCIPLE, under their original name, The Blame. Now, the original five tracks have been remixed and remastered along with an additional five recordings from that same period of raw creativity, and we present them to you here as a full-length new/old album!

THE FULL DISCLOSURE PRINCIPLE REVISITED shows the first stirrings of the Granite Countertops' DIY spirit. Lots of guitars, organs, and layered girl-boy voices, augmented by kitchen-sink electronics and seat-of-the-pants spontaneity.

Highlights include a bopping, anthemic cover of "Democracy" by Leonard Cohen, original indie-pop gems "Outside The Blue Room" and "Wagons And Boys", a haunting version of the Paris Sisters' girl-group classic "I Love How You Love Me", the workplace psychodrama "Worker Bee", and the sheer groovy weirdness of freshly unearthed tracks like "Director's Chair", "Resigned Shrug", and "The Moving Finger". Explore the hearts and minds of the Granite Countertops on THE FULL DISCLOSURE PRINCIPLE REVISITED.


released March 18, 2017

J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones: Vocals and instruments

Debra Nicholson-Bassham: Album cover art, from original images sent by Bobbi Stevens.

Cover model: Rosemary Virginia (Milguel) Barker, born on May 7, 1925.


all rights reserved



The Granite Countertops San Francisco, California

The Granite Countertops are dark, whimsical, tender existential action heroes J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones, exploring the outer limits of what a duo can create.

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Track Name: Wagons And Boys
The wagon with the boy on top
He rides the downhill service
Shooting his pockets in faraway places
Taking up spaces

The boy in his wagon offers rides
As he slides through first base
In a place far away

Into the wagon, she takes up his offer
No longer the author, is her story told?

Stepping out of the wagon
The takes are abandoned
More riders, more bases, grown old

Parking his wagon, tossing his baseball
Running time in an upset grown cold

Wagons and boys, pulled back and forth toys
Red velvet, the river of not
Give me my blue cloth
I'll wash my own face
And grab the rocker for joy!

Parking his wagon, tossing his baseball
Running time in an upset grown cold

Wagons and boys, pulled back and forth toys
Red velvet, the river of not
Give me my blue cloth
I'll wash my own face
And grab the rocker for joy
Until I find the boy
Until I find the boy
Until I find the boy who stays with me.

©2006 Davis Jones (BMI)
Track Name: Outside The Blue Room
You shuddered and I gasped
And I wondered what you meant
The toothpaste was still sitting there
Like a failed experiment.

The powder would have made it
If the plumbing had not burst
But tooth and claw both jaded
Got the better of us first

We stirred up some concoction
Blurted out some magic words
And when our wishes stood erect
We fed them to the birds

Fly bird fly
Out of my eye.

©2006 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones (BMI)
Track Name: Resigned Shrug
...yes. No. Yes. No.

What is the source of all this news?
How much more trust will be abused?
Another site, a new belief
A lot of noise with no relief

They make it up to make us dumb
Or bury our heads and trust no one
It's all designed to keep us resigned.

Oh. Uh-oh. Show. Oh, blow...
...took to the streets! They knew that it was wrong. That makes me proud...

"Formula for a brand new insult
Wouldn't that be nice
It's a tough call, but it's common to choosing
Between the likes and unlikes
Put me in a gymslip and I'll scream at the sight of Virginia Wade."

"I read Stefan Collini's piece
On the higher education white paper
Just as it becomes clear
That although Labour rebels
Are in may cases unwaveringly against them
And although most students oppose them
Top fees, top-up fees, top fees
Top-up fees may well become law
In part because our universities support them."

"The lack of any concrete action on any of them
Is less encouraging..."

"Over the last year, comment on the Iraq War
In the liberal intelligentsia's house journals
Has been so unreflective and spiteful
That the aside in Alan Bennett's recent diary
Provoked no more than a resigned shrug."

Stay awake
There's a lot to see.

©2017 Davis Jones and J Neo Marvin (BMI)
Track Name: Unexpected Impact (Populist Cowbell Version)
Well come on now, take a look around
Well come on now, take a look around
There’s so much to be done
And there’s no excuse for being bored

They might tell you there’s no future for you
Don’t be too sure when the future comes
That you won’t be right there too,
So what do you want to see around you?

Well I’ve got a few ideas
And I’m not the only one who does here
There’s a time for shifting gears
And this bad book is overdue!

Sometimes I feel that we’re all pushing a boulder up a mountain
And sometimes I feel like I’m cleaning a giant toilet with a toothbrush
But don’t forget, my friend, when nothing seems effective
Everything we do has an unexpected impact

There is no meaning, baby, there is no script to follow
There is nothing but the sum of all our choices
The feedback from our heartbeats, the ripple from our voices
Everything we do has an unexpected impact
Everything we do has an unexpected impact
Everything we do has an unexpected impact
Everything we do has an unexpected impact
Everything we do has an unexpected impact
Everything we do has an unexpected impact.

©2014 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones (BMI)
Track Name: Hard To Be Human
Original lyrics by the Mekons. Davis Jones came up with the idea of replacing "punched and beaten" with "tased and cheated" for our cover version.
Track Name: Director's Chair
When the tired horns begin to blow
And raindrops freeze into deep snow
Will you pick up the flow?
Can you help me to grow?

When the old strings begin to snap
And the new ones are just a lot of crap
Will you keep us on track?
Can you cut us some slack?

On the way to working it out
My mind's got its reasons and it's got its doubts
Sometimes I'm wide open
And sometimes I'm blind
But I've got some baggage
To leave behind in time

"Anytime you're feeling introverted
Sit yourself in the director's chair
Untwist that tongue and sit right up
And speak your mind loud and clear"
And how could I say no to that?
And what exactly is left to fear?

©2017 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones (BMI)
Track Name: Worker Bee
QUEEN BEE: "Hey, you. Hey! Hey, you! You, over there! You over there, you weren't listening! You didn't hear. You don't remember. You are Less Than, and I am your superior."
WORKER BEE: "Not in a million years."
QUEEN BEE: "You, you, you have no rights at all. None! None at all. Do you understand this? You have no rights. You are free to willfully walk out that door. Go, if you want."
WORKER BEE: "She's young. She's probably an uneducated American. Probably a valley girl."
QUEEN BEE: "But, if you're going to remain here and earn this paycheck, you are going to be my subordinate, darling! And until you learn how, you will not stop being reminded..."
WORKER BEE: "She's, like, totally standing in my way. I mean, they won't let me talk about what I know..."
QUEEN BEE: "...of what you forget!"
WORKER BEE: "...and they won't let me move forward."
QUEEN BEE: "Of what you can't remember! Of what you have not been informed yet!"
WORKER BEE: "I swear, I think they go back and change the formulas at the bottom of the Excel sheets so that when I turn in my reports, they're wrong."
QUEEN BEE: "Of what you know but cannot exercise!"
WORKER BEE: "I've had to go over it a couple of times. I've never had that error!"
QUEEN BEE: "Of what you need, but cannot have!"
WORKER BEE: "It's funny. I'm not sure why they're trying to hold me back. And I'm being told that if I hang in there, even though it's hard, I will be rewarded in the end."
QUEEN BEE: "You are subject to my will. You have a will. Your will is free to go. You may go."
WORKER BEE: "And I was supposed to get this five dollar an hour raise after 90 days. A 90 day period of training, which they say now is gonna last maybe even a year. Ha. What a dupe!"
QUEEN BEE: "However, should you decide to stay here, you will be my subordinate! You will be my slave!"
QUEEN BEE: "I WILL talk down to you!"
WORKER BEE: "Not for much longer!"
QUEEN BEE: "And you WILL talk down to me!"
WORKER BEE: "Huh, I doubt THAT."
QUEEN BEE: "And if you try to be on the same level as me, and talk to me in any way that...appears to be superior, you will be written up. Ha. Ha. Ha."
WORKER BEE: "Uh-huh? You mean that IS superior? (Scoffs) How insecure you are, girl!"
QUEEN BEE: "So, worker? Worker! Worker! Hey, you worker! You little peon worker, you!"
WORKER BEE: "She's rather annoying. HELLA annoying."
QUEEN BEE: "You're free to go if you want to. You have a will, you know."
WORKER BEE: "Uh, yah? You didn't notice?"
QUEEN BEE: "That will is going to get you into serious trouble. You know that. It has already."
WORKER BEE: "Uh, OK, that's more like it."
QUEEN BEE: "You willful little girl! You're way too willful for a girl. It's unbecoming for a girl, especially a worker bee girl, wishing for drone stardom."
WORKER BEE: "Uh, I think that's really what you guys are doing, totally. I don't wanna join you there."
QUEEN BEE: "Are you staying?"
WORKER BEE: "I don't think so. I don't think so.
QUEEN BEE: "I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job."
WORKER BEE: "I got to write a wonderful letter back to them, a nice sweet resignation letter making my demands and preferences very clear, clearly knowing they would never be able to meet them. I got my check by FedEx today. Sweet!"

©2008 Davis Jones and J Neo Marvin (BMI)
Track Name: The Moving Finger
The moving finger shakes and jumps
Its spectacles to perform
And what it's writing, it won't tell
It just wants to stay warm

It goes about its telling
With the most emphatic lines
The bells and whistles it seems to jive to
Are way beyond my time

I wrapped that finger up in ice
And watched it throb and swell
And rode out to the caves and moaned
"I've found a new place to dwell."

I walked the road and learned the code
I opened up the bag
I let the shocks out of the box
I did not come to brag

A lonesome freak more bright than most
So brilliant and alone
I found myself loving myself
And started to build my own home.

I'll let you come and visit
If you show up with respect
But please don't blame the mirror
If you don't like what it reflects.

It's good to be home
It's good to be home
Ain't nobody brings me water like you do.
Good night.

©2017 J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones (BMI)

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